Key features

veletlenszerukerdesekDifferent views

Quizzes questions can be displayed in a list or by scrolling one question per page.

Funkció lista

Funkció 1 1

veletlenszerukerdesekRandom questions

The order of the questions and answers is randomly shuffled during the fills. For responses, shuffle can be turned off. For responses, shuffling can be turned off.

kitoltesiidoCompletion time

You can specify the time to complete the tasks. When the time expires, the results page appears with the results of the questions completed so far.

Funkció counter

maximalishibaszamMaximum number of errors

It can be specified the maximum number of errors for a quiz. If the number of errors exceeds this value, the completion is considered unsuccessful.

ismeteltkitoltesilehetosegRepeated fill out

It can be specified the maximum number of times a worksheet can be filled out. If the fill fails, the fill can be repeated until the number of fillings reaches this value.

magyarazatokkezeleseManage explanations

In case of incorrect filling, it is possible to display an explanation when the result is displayed.

hangfajlcsatolasaAttach sound file

It is possible to attach an audio file to both quizzes and questions. Click the Audio icon to play the audio file, but it can also be played automatically for individual questions.

Funkció audio

megjelenitettkerdesekNumber of questions displayed

You can specify how many of the questions on a quiz to appear at one time. This makes it possible to always receive a different set of questions per fill.

mintakerdesekSample questions

You can mark questions on the quiz as a sample. Thus, it is possible to show explanatory examples before filling in.

kotelezokerdesekMandatory questions

Questions can be marked as "required". This allows certain questions to always appear on the quiz, even if the number of questions displayed is less than the number of questions attached to the quiz. Mandatory questions always appear at the beginning of the question list!

tanulokorokDisplay result

After completing the quiz, the program automatically displays the results. There are several ways to display the results:

  • All questions, along with answers
    In this case, the complete quiz is displayed, showing the correct answer in case of an incorrect answer.
  • All questions, but only the results are visible
    In this case, the full quiz is displayed, but only the results show that the answer was correct or incorrect.
  • Just the faulty questions, along with the answers
    In this case, only the faulty questions are displayed, showing which was the correct answer.
  • Only the faulty questions, and only the result
    In this case, too, only the incorrect questions are displayed, but only with an indication of what the incorrect answer was.
  • No result display
    For example, in the case of questionnaires.


The scope determines the context in which the QuizOffice operates. By default, a Personal Scope is created for everyone. It is possible to use QuizOffice as a Student, Teacher, or Parent in your personal scope. When a school invites a teacher, or a teacher invites a student to a class, a new scope is automatically created through which the teacher can manage his or her school classes or the student can complete the quizzes assigned to him or her.

With the help of scopes, a teacher can belong to more than one school, or a student can be part of several groups of students. The scope can be selected from the list in the upper left corner.

Funkció scope


The role allows the page to be used in multiple roles.

  • Student
    As a student, you have the opportunity to purchase credits, redeem them for quizzes, and complete quizzes.
  • Teacher
    As a teacher, you can create quizzes and classes, and invite students to the class and assign quizzes to the classes.
  • Parent
    The parent can invite students as children, giving the parent the opportunity to follow the quizzes completed by the children and review their results. Roles can be set on the user profile page.

Funkció scope


As a teacher, you can create classes to which students can be invited. By assigning the quizzes, students will have the opportunity to complete them. A class can only be created by teacher within the personal or school scope.

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